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Review – Merciless Kings by Becca Steele and C. Lymari

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Merciless Kings; Boneyard Kings #1 
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: December 9, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Intrigue/Reverse Harem/Bully/New Adult Romance

Author: Becca Steele and C. Lymari

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



The mystery of this story stays throughout the entire book and WOW the cliffhanger at the end, Merciless Kings, is a hot, bully read that is unputdownable!

The Boneyard Kings set their sights on Everly at the start of the school year, something she doesn’t want and didn’t ask for. The reputations of the Kings, bad boys from the wrong side of town, invade her life to the point that she can barely breathe, but for what nefarious purpose?

Saint, Matteo, and Callum are brothers, not by blood, but bonded through tough experiences and the foster system. These Kings play a game of cat and mouse with Everly, herding her towards their own agenda, but each in a different way.

Saint is definitely the easy going, goofier guy, with a touch of the devil inside him. Although there are times he gives off the vibe where Everly shouldn’t be taken in by her laid back persona, but does she listen?

Matteo reminds me of a teakettle right on the verge of exploding. He lives his life like a powder keg one match away from detonating everyone around him. However, Everly is also drawn to the duality that Matteo gives off.

Lastly, we have Callum, the cold, calculated King. He views the world in black and white and there is no room for the grays that Everly may live in. To him she is either a pawn or the queen there is no in between.

I’m truly excited to continue this journey and see how Everly unlocks the Kings secrets, but how they pull out hers as well.


They say bad things happen in threes.
The first was when I lost my parents.
The second came when I had to leave behind everything I knew to move across the world to live with my only remaining relative.
But what was life for, if not for living? So I kept moving.

Then the third thing happened, just as I was about to begin my junior year at the prestigious Blackstone University.
I caught the eye of not one, not two, but three of the most infamous guys on campus. The three guys from the wrong side of the tracks.
Saint, Mateo, and Callum.
And now that they have me in their sights, I know that there’s nowhere I can hide.
There’s no escape from the Boneyard Kings.

Saint. Mateo. Callum.
Merciless. Vicious. Ruthless.
I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but they have me in their sights.
There’s nowhere I can run, nowhere I can hide.
No escape from the Boneyard Kings.

Now the three boys had hate in their hearts.
To get what they wanted, they had to play their parts.
These three boys were wise, cunning, and sharp.
Because the streets bowed for no one, unless a merciless king you’d become

Merciless Kings is a dark college enemies to lovers/bully reverse harem romance, and contains mature content. This is book one in the Boneyard Kings series, and cannot be read as a standalone.

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