This and That

Perfect Vacation Anyone?

Who loves a vacation?
Who loves to cruise through beautiful Caribbean waters?
Who loves to meet their favorite authors?

Now bundle all of those questions together and you have the perfect vacation package.

I’ve been on a few cruises and I can tell you they are amazing experiences. From the moment you step foot on deck you are pampered and doted on. There is food available twenty-four hours a day, available all throughout the ship or delivered right to your room. There is always something to do or you can do nothing at all. The destinations are always beautiful and you can choose to be super lazy and sit upon the beach or be adventurous and partake in the numerous events that are offered. Anything from zip lining through a jungle, swimming with sting rays, horseback riding along the beach, or taking a historic walk through an ancient ruin. There are more opportunities than time to squeeze them all into. The worst part of a cruise is eventually disembarking and leaving the paradise you’ve become accustomed to.

Now, I’ve also been to an author featured event. Those are also amazing experiences. The swag, the goodies, the books, the overwhelming giddiness of meeting and talking to the people who create the worlds you love to read is like walking in heaven itself. Authors can be introverts by nature, living in their own head most days, but get them out, pour a little liquor into them and you’ll find they are the nicest, quirkiest people you’ll ever meet. Any chance you get to attend an author event take it. You will love it.

So take both of these amazing experiences and mix them together = Perfect vacation.

Author Cruise – 1001 Dark Nights

Check out the link and enjoy the perfect vacation. Prices are discounted now through Thanksgiving weekend.