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The Power of Being a Redhead

Sometimes I forget the power of being a Redhead. Growing up I felt singled out. Freakish. A loner.

It’s really not until you become an adult that you truly feel the special importance of being the unique person you are. You are the true minority. For we are less than 2% of the world’s population. We are so unique that they hold festivals just for being a redhead.

Redhead Festival in The Netherlands is one such festival; held in September. Over 5,000 attended just this year.

Being a natural redhead was never something I aspired to be. Was something I hated growing up, but it is something I have grown accustomed to accepting about myself.

Do I enjoy the freckles that come with the pale skin? No.

Do I enjoy slathering on sunscreen every time I go out in to the sun so I do not fry? Not especially.

Do I enjoy the untamable, unmanagable hair? I suppose I’ve learned to hold back the snakes on unruly days.

But I will say this about being a redhead…

You may feel lonely. You may feel singled out. But know that you are a unique, rare, special creature. People try to copy your uniqueness everyday and never quite achieve it.

So go forth and celebrate your unique gift. Celebrate all the greatness that can be had with being a redhead.

Sexy, sultry, goofy, seductress, fiery, shy, and so many more, but I can’t give away all of our secrets now can I?