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Cover Reveal – Red Starr Series

We’re so excited to reveal the brand new STUNNING covers for all eight books in Kennedy Layne’s Red Starr Series! Check them out below and be sure to grab your copies of this incredible, suspenseful series!

About the Red Starr Series

Red Starr HRT is a paramilitary hostage rescue team that was originally formed years ago by two retired Marine Master Sergeants. Upon the death of Catori Starr’s husband, Brendan “Red” O’Neill, she took a much needed hiatus to deal with her guilt and all consuming grief. Two years later Starr is clawing her way back and ready to lead a fresh team of five cherry-picked former Force Recon Marines. Red Starr HRT takes cases the FBI and other agencies won’t touch, from domestic assignments bordering on the grey edges to missions abroad against savage terrorist regimes. Follow along as Kennedy Layne conveys each of their stories as they work together on high risk rescues that lead them down perilous paths of passion, intrigue and suspense…

About STARR’S AWAKENING (Red Starr #1)

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne comes a thrilling hostage rescue series that will lead you down perilous paths of passion, intrigue and suspense…

Catori Starr has been lost in a crippling grief since losing her husband, Red. Since learning he went MIA on a rescue mission abroad, she has existed more than lived. She’s a shell of who she used to be. Restarting Red Starr HRT is a last-ditch opportunity to overcome her pain–and keep her husband’s legacy alive. With a team of cherry-picked men, she must now decide if she’s willing to set aside a years-old grief to begin a new life filled with the potential of fated dreams…or deadly peril.

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About HEARTHS OF FIRE (Red Starr #2)

Moving forward with his life…

Neal Bauer tried returning home once before and he found that some things aren’t meant to be. When Red Starr HRT, a paramilitary hostage rescue team, offered him a position that would use his specialized skillset that had served him well in the military–he jumped at the chance.

The past has a way of returning…

Charlotte Whitefall has made some really bad decisions in her life…leaving Neal Bauer standing at the altar tops the list. Growing up in Hearth, Missouri has taught her that when someone leaves their small town, they don’t return. She saved Neal from a painful choice by moving on with her life and raising her sister alone.

Coming home…

When a local cult invades the town of Hearth, the citizens do their best to stay clear of the members. Everything changes when Charlotte’s little sister is drawn into their way of life. There is only one man who has the connections to eliminate the dangerous threat. Can Charlotte persuade Neal to come home long enough to rescue her sister? More importantly, can she convince him that she made a terrible mistake all those years ago–and possibly rekindle their smoldering passion?

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About TARGETS ENTANGLED (Red Starr #3)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne continues the Red Starr series with a nail-biting mission that will leave you turning the pages well into the night…

Dreams die…

Daegan Murphy lives life the way it’s meant to be lived…not a care in the world. With his motorcycle, sniper rifle, and career choice, some might think he has a death wish. But he’s got a family who loves him, team members that count on him, and hostages to rescue. He wouldn’t purposefully put himself in death’s crosshairs because he knows what it’s like to be the one left behind.

Faith exists…

Ferrin Hewitt believes everything has order and her years in the military reflected that. She runs her civilian life as disciplined and organized as the Navy taught her. So why is it that she finds herself attracted to a former Marine who lives his life on the edge and completely opposite of what she believes in.

Love endures…

Ferrin’s assignment is simple–to keep those saving others safe. When the worst happens and the blame is put on her, Daegan is the only one to come to her defense. She knows help is never given without strings and when their search for the truth leads to a passion she can’t control, the one thing she’ll need rescued is her heart.

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About IGNITING PASSION (Red Starr #4)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne continues the Red Starr series with a highly explosive hostage rescue mission that will leave you riveted until the very end…

Risking everything…

Aaron “Stick” Scott spent twelve years of his life protecting his country. He diffused well over fifteen hundred bombs during the course of his military career, expecting each one to be his last. Luck had a huge part in his survival but it was fate that had a laugh at his expense by having a woman shatter his heart.

Playing it safe…

Simone Laurent’s career as a cultural attaché wasn’t exciting by any means, but she did love promoting the culture of her homeland. What she hadn’t anticipated was getting caught up in political war where her life would be at risk. Her situation goes from bad to worse when the man she left behind is the only one who can save her.

Igniting Passion…

Stick’s hostage rescue mission becomes sidetracked when he’s ordered to protect the one woman who couldn’t handle his job. Seeing her in the light of day brings back memories they’d both rather soon forget, but it’s the long evenings together that lights a fuse neither one can ignore. Will their reignited passion survive the highly explosive danger that’s coming their way?

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About UNTOLD DEVOTION (Red Starr #5)

Searching for the truth finally unlocks multiple secrets in this exciting continuation of the Red Starr series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne…

Searching for the truth…

Kane “Gunny” Taylor has spent over a year searching for answers in his sister’s death. That time has culminated in the form of a land, air, and sea rescue operation conducted to save the lives of abducted schoolchildren in her honor. He thought he would find peace in this mission, but what he found was so much more.

Unlocking secrets…

Jade Amherst knows only too well the meaning of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s been held captive for over seventeen months and she’s counted every day, hour, and minute that passed. The rescue mission seemed surreal, the reason behind it so poignant, and the man who led the operation all too real—only she couldn’t move forward without putting her past behind her.

Untold devotion…

Gunny finally returns home after being gone for far too long, another successful mission behind him, and a potential future with a beautiful woman who was so much more. He should have known better than to think things would be easy. Jade’s past comes back with a vengeance and another hostage situation ensues. Will they be as fortunate a second time around?

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An unforgettable mission hits close to home in this continuation of the Red Starr series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne…

John “Trigger” Dixon returned to his small hometown in rural Mississippi as a favor to an old high school friend. It was meant to be a quick trip, with a short visit to his parents and an afternoon spent spoiling his two nephews. He should have known his vacation wouldn’t go as planned. The rebel in him always got in the way.

Devyn Wilde had lived up to her surname according to the townsfolk–at least by reputation. She’d never let it bother her before, but she’d finally had enough after she was brought in for questioning by the police for her brother’s murder. How could anyone believe that she would forsake her family? In the south, family comes before anyone or anything.

Trigger had last seen Devyn right before he’d joined the Red Starr Hostage Rescue Team, both of them agreeing to end their casual relationship. After all, it had been a temporary diversion–friends with benefits. He hadn’t expected to find that she was a suspect in a homicide investigation, secretly investigating her brother’s mysterious murder. Their sweet passion returns full force despite the danger, but keeping an old promise might just cost him his life.

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About FATED IDENTITY (Red Starr #7)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne continues the Red Starr series in a build-up to the one question everyone has been asking…is Brendan “Red” O’Neill dead or alive?

Grady Kenton has loved and lost–and he doesn’t plan on repeating it. He enjoys his semi-retired life as a consultant with the CIA while only taking the cases he finds interesting. He relishes the long seductive weekends with Brienne Chaylse, the beautiful liaison who understands his boundaries and accepts things the way he needs them to be.

Secretly, Brienne doesn’t understand why Grady can’t move on from his past. What she does know is that he’s more emotionally distant than when they’d first met and she can’t accept the friends-with-benefits play any longer. Something has to change, and fate forces her hand when her identity as a CIA special agent is leaked to the media. She and Grady must race to discover whose betrayal runs deep while their true feelings emerge in this perilous time. Unfortunately, the secrets revealed have the potential to shatter the love they’ve shared while on pursuit of a danger that could change everything.

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About RED’S SALVATION (Red Starr #8)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne concludes the Red Starr series with an extraordinary mission that will keep you riveted to the very last page…

It has taken Catori Starr years to come to terms with the death of her husband during a failed hostage rescue mission. She’d overcome her tragedy better than anyone could expect, but no one could truly understand the crushing black hole left in her grieving heart. She’d moved on to the best of her abilities, even reopening the doors to their business and operating a hostage rescue team she’d personally recruited.

Brendan “Red” O’Neill’s last mission didn’t go as planned. He’d ended up becoming a political prisoner to a fragmented national government in a country that was supposed to be an ally to the United States of America. He lost count of the endless days spent wasting away throughout his years in captivity, but never once had he forgotten the vision of his wife’s beautiful face. She was the only motivation he’d managed to keep for his own sanity as he clung to life.

Breathe. That’s what Starr had to keep telling herself over and over as she discovered the closely held secrets surrounding the facts of that fated mission. Her husband had been captured alive and she would move heaven and earth to bring him home, even if that meant sacrificing everything they had—including her own life.

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About Kennedy Layne

Kennedy Layne is a USA Today bestselling author. She draws inspiration for her military romantic suspense novels in part from her not-so-secret second life as a wife of a retired Marine Master Sergeant. He doubles as her critique partner, beta reader, and military consultant. They live in the Midwest with their teenage son and menagerie of pets. The loyal dogs and mischievous cats appreciate her writing days as much as she does, usually curled up in front of the fireplace. She loves hearing from readers–find out how to connect with her at

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Cover Reveal, New Releases

Cover Reveals – Kennedy Layne’s CSA Case Files Series


We’re so excited to reveal the brand new covers for all seven books in Kennedy Layne’s CSA Case Files Series! Check them out below and be sure to grab your copies of this incredible, suspenseful series!

About the CSA Case Files Series

Crest Security Agency (CSA) is run by Gavin Crest, a retired Marine Master Sergeant. He has personally selected his own former military team members, both men and women, to configure a seamless Special Operations Capable (SOC) unit. Working together on investigations, domestically and abroad, each team member will find their niche in life and love. Follow along as Kennedy Layne conveys each of their stories as they work together on investigations that lead them down perilous paths of passion, intrigue and suspense…

 About Captured Innocence (CSA Case
Files #1)

Be captivated by this USA Today Bestseller and drawn
into a world filled with passion and intrigue!

When former Marine, Connor Ortega, was ordered into the
offices of Crest Security Agency on a Saturday morning, he didn’t expect the latest case to hit so
close to home. A submissive has been murdered in a particularly vicious manner and to bring
her killer to justice, he must go undercover. Not hard to do considering he’s already part of the
BDSM lifestyle.

Lauren Bailey, a local vendor of bejeweled erotic implements,
lives vicariously through her clients due to her fear of bondage. When Connor’s dominant side
can’t resist trying to ease her anxieties, she accepts his proposal and agrees to his one
stipulation…keep things casual.

When the killer sets his sights on Lauren, Connor is forced to
rethink their relationship. He has the training it takes to catch a murderer, but does he have the
courage to escape his inner demons and capture Lauren’s heart?

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Case Files #2)

The USA Today Bestselling series continues with a
breathless tale of sin, intrigue, and love…

Sins of the past have been resurrected, predetermining their path
to love. Can they overcome the treacherous obstacles set before them?

Jax Christensen likes his life just the way it is. He has his work, his
club, and the occasional naked submissive to take his mind off everything else. He doesn’t talk
about the past, as there is no point in reminiscing about things that cannot be altered. His chest
has an empty hole where his heart used to be, but he’s grown accustomed to the constant pain.
It’s become the only thing that reminds Jax that he’s alive.

Emily Weiss has never forgotten the one and only man she’s ever
loved. She’s hidden for two long years in an attempt to protect Jax and herself, desperate to try
and stay one step ahead of those who want her dead. She has information that could destroy
the United Nations. Unfortunately, they want to eliminate her first. Emily’s exhausted and
wants more than anything to feel safe once more. That was how she felt in Jax’s strong arms
and she longs to be there again.

When Jax sees that Emily has risen from the grave, his heart and
soul are full of anger and regret. He’ll never forgive her lies and deception. He will, however,
keep her safe. He hates her for what she’s done, but he doesn’t want her death on his
conscience. He’ll protect her and then walk away.

Secrets are revealed and the danger is more sinister and deadly
than anyone could have guessed. Jax and Emily are forced on the run and the passion they once
felt for one another burns even hotter and brighter the second time around. Jax doesn’t know
how he’ll walk away this time or if he even wants to. Emily is determined to expose a high-level
official within the United Nations and walk away unscathed. She wants a second chance with
her first love — even if it kills her.

Get your hands on SINFUL

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 About RENEWED FAITH (CSA Case Files

Is it possible to renew one’s faith in love?  Find out as
the CSA Case Files series continues with another gripping tale of passion and

Injury ended former Marine Kevin Dreier’s enlistment much too
soon, leaving him with unwanted pins and screws in his right leg to serve as a constant
reminder of what he’d lost. Being a team member of Crest Security Agency, however, gives him
a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The determination that makes him good at his job is
the same drive he’ll need to win over the woman he wants in his life.

Taking charge of her destiny, Elle Reyes has spent the last year
working hard to make something of herself. She’s found a reputable place to live, saved a little
money, and even secured a managing position at a club. She’s finally safe, content, and in need
of nothing more, but she knows she wouldn’t have been able to turn her life around without
Kevin’s assistance.

When Kevin loses a family member, Elle is convinced this is her
chance of returning a favor and repaying a debt. Accompanying him to visit his family and offer
support, she is faced with the reality that warm and loving homes are real. She’s torn between
what she knows to be the truth and the tempting hope that something more exists.

Upon their return, Kevin’s current case crosses paths with Elle’s
past. Secrets and lies encircle them as a killer ups the stakes in a cat and mouse game meant for
only one winner. When time runs out, Kevin intends to be the last man standing — in life and

Get your hands on RENEWED FAITH:

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Files #4)

Political campaigns don’t always go as

Lach McKinnon, a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader, was
involved in a highly publicized and politically sensitive mission that went critically wrong. He has
always taken responsibility for the three lives lost, though he keeps his guilt locked away.
Becoming a team member of CSA has relieved him of similar assignments, however things
haven’t really been mundane.

Phoebe Dunaway is a United States Senator’s daughter. She can
be relied on to do what is expected of her. From raising her sister after their mother died to
overseeing her mother’s legacy foundation, Phoebe has steadfastly been the responsible one in
the family. Now aiding her father in his quest for the presidency, she finally realizes that
ignoring her own needs might not be in her best interests.

Lach is given a VIP Personal Security Detail — protect Phoebe from
a potential threat against her father’s bid for the White House. That’s easier said than done
when the attraction between them sets the path of the campaign down one of blazing desire.
Unexpected danger lurks around every corner and Lach must face his past demons if he has any
hope of keeping Phoebe safe.

Get your hands on CAMPAIGN OF FAITH:

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Case Files #5)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne returns
with a spellbinding tale of passion and intrigue…

An unexpected love…

Ethan Chambers is a devoted bachelor working for the Crest
Security Agency team. After watching love make casualties of most of his team members, he
vows not to fall victim to the same fate. That all changes when his best friend finagles her way
into his dreams. Now, he can’t look at Taryn without thinking of her beneath him.

A mission in peril…

Taryn Sisal’s life has become complicated with a capital C. Her
newly discovered half-sister has been murdered, and now Taryn is the target of the same
merciless killer. She is grateful that her best friend, Ethan Chambers, is by her side — until he
decides to change the rules with a passionate kiss she cannot forget.

A dangerous passion…

On the trail of finally apprehending the team’s target, Taryn must
also confront the mounting desire between her and Ethan. His resolve for their newfound
relationship chips away at her crumbling defenses, but old fears are her nemesis. Are they
willing to risk their friendship for a chance at something more — or will the decision be taken
out of their hands by a bullet with her name engraved on its full metal jacket?

Get your hands on INTERNAL

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Files #6)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne delivers a
riveting story about love evolving from the darkness…

 The darkness within… 

Gavin Crest has always pushed himself to the limit. After twenty-
three years as a Marine Master Sergeant, he built his security agency from the ground up. He
also has a predilection for the darker side of sex. He’s done it all– except the one woman he
can’t have, an innocent who deserves more than a man whose soul is tainted with

Becomes his only ray of sunshine…

Jessie Miller has worked for Gavin Crest for years– and loved him
nearly that long. She offered herself to him, body and soul. When he refused, she walked away,

head held high and vowing to cut him from her heart. So why is Gavin on her doorstep, insisting
that she trust him with her life?

And leads him into the light…

After a cold-blooded killer who’s threatened his team members
proves the FBI has enough evidence to put Jessie in jail for the rest of her life, Crest has no
choice but to save her. Once he’s with her, he can’t keep his hands off her. As passion rises and
a killer closes in, he’ll have to prove her innocence, protect her, and risk his heart
forever…before it’s too late.

Get your hands on RADIANT SURRENDER:

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Files #7)

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne has
concluded the CSA Case Files series with a redemption story unlike any other…

Nightmares of the past…

Ryland had lived his life as the world’s most sought-after assassin
by numerous clandestine government agencies. He’s been the best of the best while not
making apologies for the contracts he’s executed. That was all taken from him when his
obscured past was exposed by the malicious actions of a former employer, forcing him into an
early retirement.

Dreams of the future…

Fallon Canna was a gifted profiler for the FBI with one goal– to
figure out what made Travis Bowers tick. It had become an obsession to unravel why a
promising young Marine had turned into a skilled killer for hire. Her fixation becomes personal
when a piece of classified information crosses her desk that just might shed light on why Travis
Bowers became known as the notorious Ryland.

Restoring reality…

Ryland has done his best to blend in with society, but it’s a
punishment worse than death. He’s been passing the time of his seclusion with visions of a
beautiful blonde who only wants inside of his mind, so he’s skeptical when Fallon suddenly
appears in his kitchen in the dead of night. He’s more than willing to see where their attraction
takes them, but there’s an unspoken inquiry in those blue eyes of hers that could only end in
heartbreak– because a woman can’t redeem a man who doesn’t have a soul.

Get your hands on REDEEM MY HEART:

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About Kennedy Layne

Kennedy Layne is a USA Today bestselling author. She draws inspiration for her military romantic suspense novels in part from her not-so- secret second life as a wife of a retired Marine Master Sergeant. He doubles as her critique partner, beta reader, and military consultant. They live in the Midwest with their teenage son and menagerie of pets.
The loyal dogs and mischievous cats appreciate her writing days as much as she does, usually curled up in front of the fireplace. She loves hearing from readers– find out how to connect with her at

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