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Review – Make it Count: An Anthology in memory of Josie McIntyre

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Make it Count; An Anthology in memory of Josie McIntyre. 
(An anthology)

by: Jenee Robinson, Coralee June, Joanne Ganci, Chrissy Jaye, Mary Martel, Lili Black, E.M. Moore, Rinna Ford, Catherine Banks, Jarica James, Suki Williams, Samantha Bea, Rose Alexander, Bo Reid, Elle Joraco, May Dawson, Darcy Ray, A.J. Macey, Katie May, Quinn Arthurs, C.R. Jane, J.L. Hallow, Carrie Gray

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Jammed packed full of sports stories that range from football to baseball all the way to lacrosse and roller derby. There is a taste for everyone especially since the stories also range from spicy to sweet. I dare you to find something you don’t like since this anthology has such a diverse offering.

A few of my favorites are:

Always Looking to Score by Coralee June and Carrie Gray – Dale and Shelby made me smile through this entire short story. Dale is normally confident with a capital C, but Shelby makes him work for his swagger as she uses his masculine form for her art project. The whole vision for this project was amazing and made me giggle while swooning!

The Midfielder’s Defensemen by Elle Joraco – Ryan Kelfield joins a new co-ed lacrosse team and is excited for the transition from an all girls team at her new school. Although when she gets to school she discovers the co-edness of the team is all on her part as the only woman. While not everyone is welcoming, most of her teammates are and a few are might even be looking for something more than being just a teammate on the field.

Some stories are complete games while others are just season openers with the longer game to come later, but have no doubt you’ll enjoy this anthology no matter what story you read.


The last quarter.
The final inning.
Whatever it takes, you have to give it all you’ve got.
When that clock is ticking down, remember how hard you’ve trained, how many hours you put in. Strap on your pads, wrap your hands, tie up those cleats. Whether on the field or in a rink, you’ve got this. This is your day, your time to shine. It doesn’t matter what game you play.
In the end, all you have to do is Make it Count.

Twenty-three authors bring you nineteen stories full of hope and love.

This anthology in memory of Josie McIntyre, who was an avid softball player who was tragically lost too young. All proceeds for this anthology will go toward a scholarship fund in her memory.

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