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Review – Apathy by L.K. Reid

Apathy; Secrets of Winworth #1 
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: September 20, 2021

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Occult/Dark Romance

Author: L.K. Reid

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



I had to sit and really let this book soak in once I was finished. It’s been running through my mind over the last few days, and not that other books don’t, but this particular book was like the blurb warns…once you enter Winworth you don’t leave.

Apathy is a dark mystery, that is seeped in twisted thoughts and drowning in wicked madness. Everyone at one point or another is a suspect in the crimes happening throughout the town.



No one is safe from the suspicion that is running rampant. The plot twists and winds in a way that I never could pinpoint or nail down anyone in particular and I was completely thrown off by the shocking cliffhanger. That almost never happens when I’m thrown off base, so perhaps that is why this book is still reeling in my head. Excellent job L.K. Reid!!

Skyler, for most of the story, is drowning in pain, emotional turmoil, grief, and deep, deep sadness. She is beyond what I would call depression. She is swirling in darkness for how deeply she is struggling, but why she’s suffering, we don’t know the depth of her pain for a large chuck of the book. As the pieces come together her mental state begins to make sense, but coming out of that deep pool…is it really for the best? GAH!! Go back Skyler!! She is going to need so much therapy.

Ash is a new student in their school and quickly works his way into their group. He came to town with his own nefarious plans, but is he the one causing things to implode, or could he be Skylar’s salvation? There is a lot of shadow surrounding him, but his character slowly comes to light the more we get into the book. Is he good, is he bad…there is so much to uncover!?!

There is a lot at work that I will not give away, because I loved being shocked and finding out the secrets myself. However, know this book is dark and covers some topics that may offend some readers, so heed author warnings incase that happens to be you.

This is only book one and with a big cliffy, there is a lot more to dive into back in Winworth. Welcome to the darkness.


There were sicknesses in this world even holy water couldn’t wash away.

In vicious nights, beautiful monsters lay.
Some with faces known, some ready to play.
Unsure of a friend, unsure of a foe,
Be certain of nothing you think you know,

Because what once enters Winworth,
never leaves again.

Skylar Blackwood thought she knew what monsters looked like.
But in Winworth, nothing is what it seems.

Not the arrival of a stranger with eyes that see too much, and lips that taste like danger.
Not the young women who begin disappearing in the night.
And certainly not the people in the sleepy town she grew up in that begin to turn on one another.

One truth is undeniable, something wicked is loose in Winworth.
No one is safe, and trusting the wrong person could cost Skylar everything.

Trapped between the two worlds as secrets start to unravel, what little sanity Skylar has left threatens to shatter, leaving her with more questions than answers.

Turns out, real monsters are never what they seem.

APATHY is the first book in the Secrets of Winworth series with dark themes that might be triggering to some readers.

💚 APATHY is coming September 20!


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Review – Rise of a Queen by Rina Kent


Rise of a Queen; Kingdom Duet #2 
(#2 in a duet)

by: Rina Kent

Review Rating:



The King has found his Queen! Daddy King is a delicious, filthy tyrant, and I love him!!

Jonathan King is ruthless and will burn down the earth to get what he wants. He will also do whatever it takes to make sure Aurora stays safe. So when she disappears at the end of the first book we discover a new side to the King. (my heart’s all a flutter)

Aurora continually battles with her mental status, wondering if her mental stability is genetic and if what happened to her sister or worse her father is now happening to her. The need to escape is more desperate than ever before she does something that she can’t take back, but perhaps she’s already acted on these horrible impulses and she’d never know, is this what finally took her sister’s mind?

As the plot thickens in this second half of this duet, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time with the mystery surrounding not only Alicia’s death, but also the serial killer that is Aurora’s father. Between these two mysteries there are so many questions that I not only needed to be answered, but these questions had to potential to be connected. At the center of them both it kept circling back to Aurora and Jonathan.

As their relationship grows, could it all be a ruse to cover up a decade old mystery? Is the tyrant really a soulless murderer or is Aurora really guilty of the crimes so many accuse her of?

Rina is fantastic on keeping the plot moving and keeping you guessing until the very end. Rise of a Queen is everything fans will love of the overall Royal series and it is an excellent book!!


Nothing is fair in love.

This is my kingdom. My territory.
I own everything and control everyone, Aurora included.
She shouldn’t have barged into my world with no armour.
She shouldn’t have caught my attention with no warning.
Alas, she did.
Then she thought she could disappear.
If a battle is what it’ll take to protect and own her, I’ll shed blood.
Wars aren’t fair, and neither am I.

Rise of a Queen is the second part of a duet and is not standalone.

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Review – A Bridge Between Us by K.K. Allen

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A Bridge Between Us 
(A standalone)

by: K.K. Allen

Review Rating:



A beautifully crafted tale that spans over a lifetime. Can two destined soulmates prove that hate is stronger than love or will it end up killing them before it kills their love?

A Bridge Between Us is a story between two families that began over a century ago, a long standing feud that runs deep, and the two children who weren’t born to understand the hate surrounding, but are continually pulled into the mess which ultimately destroys them over and over again.

Camila and Ridge come from opposite sides of the bridge that separates their land, but as children neither really understand the century old feud that exists between their families. Camila makes a promise to Ridge that when she takes over for her family in the future she won’t have hate in her heart and she will connect their lands and end the feud. While Ridge likes the idea of her promise, he also isn’t blinded by her fantasies. At a young age, he’s already had a tough life, losing his mother and moving in with the father he’s never met before.

This is a story that spans decades and goes through heartache, growth, and several tribulations. Even through Camila and Ridge may be soulmates they have a long, tough road throughout their entire relationship. There are outside forces that constantly push them apart. Not only a past filled with hatred, but an unknown mystery on their land and mix that with good ol’ fashioned stubbornness and Camila and Ridge’s story is full of angst and suspense.


I had always known he wasn’t mine to keep, but that didn’t change the way I loved him—quietly, gently, and from afar. ⁣

As the seasons changed, the corn stalks grew strong, and the grapevines flourished with hope. But none of it mattered, not when the soil at our feet bound us in a century-old rivalry. We’d never even had a chance. ⁣

They said life flashed before your eyes on the way to death, but on that night, after my final scream burst from my throat and my world started to fade to black, I only thought of him. Of his sweet chocolate eyes, his desperately cautious stare, and his silence that carried more weight than gold. ⁣

I should have died that night. Instead, I crossed the moonlit bridge and never returned. ⁣

I let rivalry win. If only that had been enough to keep us all safe. If only we didn’t have a bridge between us.⁣

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