This and That

RT Conference 2013, the Oscars of Romance

Headed to RT (Romantic Times) Conference in Kansas City for a week of workshops, author panels, book fairs, cover models galore, parties and more networking opportunities than you could ever hope to achieve in one setting. It is overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting all wrapped up in one glorious week what some romance authors would almost consider the “Oscars” of romance conferences.

RT brings together both published authors and aspiring writers to experience the same workshops in an environment where they are learning together and from one another. For don’t we all learn best from those who forged the path before us. It also brings in a facet of a mentor/mentee relationship that begins to form when you meet that published author, that takes pity on you, and takes you under their wing and helps guide you on your own journey towards success.

The other great aspect to RT is it is filled with fans. People who, spend a lot to, come to this particular convention every year just to see their favorite author, get the scoop on what is coming next, get a ton of stuff signed by their stalked authors, and leave with your own body weight in swag and technically books (they did pay for the convention after all). I am amazed at the amount of fans who attend for this very reason. Standing in line last year I would listen to fans argue about why or why not a particular author should or should not kill off a character, then some talked about characters like they were family members and would show up at their home for supper, or perhaps hoped would be a better term. I loved being surrounded by the chatter of people who just enjoyed the love of reading and were not afraid to voice their opinions out in the open.

Getting to meet my idol – Lorelei James (GAH!)


Now, besides seeing your idols walking around and seeing that, yes, they are a real person, when you actually take the time to you drag your eyes away from stalking your favorite authors, you will see, and try not to drool all over, the delicious eye candy that walks around the conference. Men, men, it’s raining men. They pop up everywhere and women will stand in line to get a photograph with them (not that I’m naming names or anything, ahem) especially when they arrive shirtless (oh my, my loins are all aquiver). Starting to see why fans pay big bucks to come to this 🙂


So, as I’ve waited an entire year to go back to “the mother land” and be amongst my people, I look forward to the experience with trepidation and excitement.