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Teaser/Excerpt – Six of the Best Anthology; The Accused Wife

The Accused Wife by Jaye Peaches.

only found in Six of the Best Anthology



He offered her a seat in his study.

“You do recall what was agreed last week?” he asked, lifting an eyebrow.

She flicked open her fan and fluttered it as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. The room was not hot, not even remotely stuffy.

“Yes.” She stilled her fan. “Sir,” she added diligently.

“Would you like to re-consider?” Behind his back, he clasped his hands together and prayed she had not changed her mind.

She peeped out from behind the pastoral scene depicted on the fronds of the fan. “I continue to seek resolution to my affliction.”

He curtailed the temptation to smirk at her choice of words. “Affliction?”

“My guilt…my naughtiness.”

Carelessness was a more suitable word. Whether her actions were anything else was unlikely to alter their arrangement. He had done far worse things in the name of king and country than leave out a vial of laudanum on a bedside table. Arsenic might have led to a far different conclusion to her fate. However, he understood she wished for penance, an absolution, and he would deliver it in the name of justice. Private justice.

“Then, be so good as to carry out my orders,” he said firmly, but in a manner of calm detachment.

She battered her eyelashes. “Orders? Please, could you repeat them?” She held her breath.

Alexander’s member stiffened, and he straightened his back ready to issue his explicit request as sternly as possible. Clearly, she desired it.

“Remove your clothing, young lady. Strip. Present your derriere over that chair.” He pointed at the elegant Chippendale. “Your feet hooked about its legs and hands grasping the armrests. Hold still while I thrash your bottom with my strap.” He reached over to his bureau and presented the chosen implement—a long thong of hide, which although soft to stroke, was thick enough to deliver a resounding whack.

She gasped and snapped her fan shut, revealing her mouth in the form of a small ‘O’ shape. Her eyes widened into dark moons.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

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