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Review – One Hundred Excuses

One Hundred Excuses; An Aspen Cove Romance (Series)
by Kelly Collins (Author)

This review is from: October 27, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

With October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month it seems appropriate to read a book with a central theme revolving around this very topic.

One Hundred Excuses had in tears multiple times . The story of Marina and Kellyn and the strong man, Aiden, who saw beyond the brokenness that these two were was incredibly touching. Aiden didn’t plow into their lives, but instead by agreeing with Marina’s “Victor not the Victim” motto he gentled and eased a kindness around them that neither had really known before which opened their hearts to love once again.

Recently coming from a violent marriage Marina was just looking to make a stable and safe environment for her and her daughter, Kellyn. Aspen Cove was a small town with a big heart, the perfect place to start over. Living next door to the town sheriff, Aiden Cooper, wasn’t something Marina expected, but his gentle kindness slowly broke down her defenses and even Kellyn’s shy demeanor.

Aiden wasn’t looking for love, especially after he caught his fiance having sex with his last partner. Aiden moved to Aspen Cove to get away from all the bad memories and for a peaceful life, but when Marina and Kellyn move in they immediately steal his heart. He finds he’ll do anything to protect them especially if it means the safety and wellbeing of his girls.

One Hundred Excuses is so well done and every character you meet in Aspen Cove feels like a friend you’ve meet before. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I instantly fell in love.

Kelly highlights the generosity of people living in small towns and I will say I adore the big hearts of everyone I know since I too live in a small town. It could be why I felt so at home reading her book, but I also feel her writing is very well done.

The topic of domestic violence can be a topic that is hard to discuss, but Kelly does a fantastic job. Excellent job.

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