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Review – Breaking The Billionaire’s Rules by Annika Martin

Breaking The Billionaire’s Rules (Standalone)
by Annika Martin (Author)

This review is from: February 16, 2019 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Sassy Mia wasn’t about to walk into her enemies office without the proper ammunition especially when she was personally requested to deliver Max Milton’s lunch. This was also knowing she’d be delivering his lunch to him dressed in a catsuit. Nope, she wasn’t going to take that challenge lightly.

With the help of her friends she decided to use the very handbook that Max wrote, no less, the one that launched him into star/billionaire status. She twisted those very steps from The Max Hilton Playbook: Ten Golden Rules for Picking Up the Hottest Girl in the Room and used them to decimate Max. Really she just wants to serve him a piece of his own humble sandwich. Make him feel like all of the women who have suffered because of his book. Their past history where he was a real jerk may also have something to do with it but really it’s about getting retribution for all women, oh and the lunch/catsuit thing. The only problem was when the steps began to cause feelings. Nasty thing those feelings are, especially when dealing with the enemy.

Max Hilton was a child prodigy, musically speaking, but he walked away from it all and wrote a book about how to score women. Not only did it earn him millions of dollars, but it also helped him launch a successful business career that moved him into the billionaire category. Confidence is key and basically everything Max touched turned to gold. Everything except getting the girl he wanted. The inspiration for the book he wrote. Little did he know it would come back to haunt him. Strange thing when an old high school crush turns up and serves you lunch, you might develop feelings, but will those feelings finally be returned?

With each step it’s fun to watch Mia put her own spin on Max’s steps. Their interaction really is the best part. Overall, the story was entertaining, without getting bogged down in lots of drama.

Releasing February 19th!

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