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Review – Nothing But Trouble by Amy Andrews


Nothing But Trouble; Credence, Colorado #1 (Series)
by Amy Andrews (Author)

This review is from: April 19, 2019 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

I’m completely in love with Credence, Co and everyone who lives in this small town. Nothing But Trouble is filled with everything I adore about small town romances.

    • Great secondary characters, whom I’m looking forward to reading their own stories in the near future.
    • A slow-to-build chemistry between Wade and CC which builds to an all consuming inferno.
    • Quick witted banter not only between the main characters, but all of the secondary characters.
    • A hero that should have been filled with a giant ego, but in his hometown, he was just a regular guy. That is small town living at its best.
    • A heroine so full of love and genuineness that the small town accepted her as one their own from the get go.

I could continue this list of things I love not only about small towns, but also what I love about this book, but I think you should really read about them for yourself in Nothing But Trouble.

Wade Carter is “The Catapult” of the NFL Broncos, the town’s “number one son” of Credence, Co with three SuperBowl rings in his possession. If anyone asked him, Wade has a pretty sweet life, but when he gets the news that his father’s health is failing, he’s hit in the solar plexus. Wade decides to take a vacation from everything, pack up and move back home for the summer, taking his PA, Cecelia “CC” Morgan with him, much to her argument.

CC has dedicated the last five and half years of her life to Wade Carter as his personal assistant. She’s been at his beck and call twenty-four/seven. Available to pick up Nerds for his candy obsession or condoms for his other off the field obsession. CC is looking forward to her six year contract coming to an end so she isn’t exactly thrilled to spend the next several months in the small town of Credence. Packing her bag CC finds herself living in a Gone With the Wind replica style home, nursing piglets, while scheduling busloads of women to arrive in the declining town as a promo campaign to boost the population. Her days working for Wade are never boring.

With Wade trying to finish his memoir while also helping out at his family farm, he hates the idea of strangers arriving in his hometown disturbing his quiet, peaceful place of  rest. He seems to be the only one not on board with reviving the town. Not only does it take CC away from him, the town seems to have taken a shining to his PA, but something about being away from all other distractions has shifted something in him about everything in his life. Could he always have been living with blinders on?

Nothing But Trouble is fun, sweet, full of farm animals, and one hunky NFL player whom can’t help but be a bit naive in the love department even after lots of practice on the field. This is one small town romance you need to read this year!

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