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Review – The Frat Boy by Nikki Sloane

The Frat Boy; Nashville Neighborhood #4
(#4 within an interconnected series)

Publication Date: December 6, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Erotic/Taboo/Enemies-to-Lovers/Forced Proximity Romance

Author: Nikki Sloane

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


OMG!! Hottest book I’ve ever read…EVER!! Even better, this book has a ton of emotion and a great plot as well. Saying I loved it doesn’t seem to do it justice, but WOW, did I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE IT!!!!!

There is a lot that leads up to Colin and Madison living in the same house together, but it’s not just a campus house, or an apartment, or even a close proximity that drives their story. Colin and Madison, who are enemies due to all of the circumstances that lead to their homelessness, find their new rooms while working for an adult film company. This storyline is so HAWT I can’t even begin to describe the level of volcanic hotness in this review!!!!! Even more amazing, than my kindle starting on fire, is the emotion Colin and Madison brought to the page. Their story was engaging even aside from the mind blowing naked times. Their vulnerability, their raw nakedness, and I’m not talking about their lack of clothes, it all shines through and what made this book so fantastic.

The entire Nashville Neighborhood series has had all of the best taboo tropes, but this book blew everyone else away. Aside from having MM on the page, everything other combination hit this book, and I do mean everything else. Every situation is explosive and the chemistry between- well, everyone- will warm you up during this cold winter.

Colin Novak is the big man on campus. Huge—if the rumors are to be believed. Nearly every girl at Davidson University has had a ride on him . . . everyone, except me.

Which is fine. This frat boy may be irritatingly hot, all carved muscle with a deceptively wholesome smile, but that’s irrelevant. He’s a Sig.

When I catch his fraternity cheating at the Greek Week tournament, he denies it—causing our rivalry between houses to escalate. Colin and I may have started the mud fight, but it grows into an all-out war, and ends with us expelled from our houses.

Now I’m homeless and it’s all his fault.

So, while answering an ad for a leading role at an adult film company wasn’t part of my career path, the work comes with a lot of perks. Steady salary. Accommodations close to campus. A safe place to explore my fantasies.

Except when I show up for my audition, my partner is none other than my new archenemy—Colin. And our sexual chemistry is explosive.

We hate how attracted we are to each other, and I despise that I want every scene to be with him. Because the longer we live together, the more I see he’s not who I thought he was.

This frat boy was so easy to hate . . . but what if he’s even easier to love?

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