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Review – Here With Me by Tia Louise

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Here With Me 
(A standalone interconnection)

by: Tia Louise

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An emotional read about love that spans a lifetime, conquering your demons, and struggling to find your inner strength to find your happiness.

Sawyer has been the rock of his family, the foundation for everyone in his life, but he also hasn’t been entirely happy. On the outside he may appear to have what he needs, but inside he is a wreck. He has been for a very long time, but without time or anyone else to pick up the work he put all feelings into a box and just kept moving. It is years later when work, his time in the military, and his parents death finally break out of that box that he may end up losing the one good thing in his life, Mindy.

Mindy is Sawyer’s sisters best friend. She isn’t quite sure when her love and adoration for him changed into something more, but for her there really hasn’t been anyone else for her. She respects and understands the quiet man, even giving him the space he needs when he returns from his time in the military. As much as she wants more with him, she takes what he is willing to give until the moment he finally pushes her away for the last time. Mindy is told a man will take whatever she is willing to give away, perhaps it is time to stop giving away pieces of herself and start focusing on loving herself instead.

For Mindy and Sawyer they both saw each other as their rock or anchor in each others lives. Someone who was stable and calmed them in their own storm. However, they both had their own personal struggles that they had to overcome before they could truly be each others foundation. Here With Me is a beautiful story of not only overcoming your own personal struggles, but knowing those you love will be by your side no matter what those struggles may be.


Sawyer LaGrange.
He’s my best friend’s older brother.
He’s quiet, brooding, sinfully sexy 
Dark hair, a scruffy square jaw, and deep lines of muscle I trace my fingers along slowly, followed by my lips…
He always does what’s right.
Until me…
They say you get in life what you have the courage to ask for.
Well, I’m brave.
And I want him.

Everybody has them.
Big, small, innocent… forbidden.
Mindy was a line I should never have crossed.
But I did.
She was beautiful… sassy and tempting,
And rules were made to be broken.
We broke them all.

Now I’m home, released from service with hidden scars.
Now my secrets are the demons that grow stronger every day.
I try to send her away, but I can’t let her go.
She’s my reason to fight, and I’ll walk through hell to be the man she deserves.
To give her a reason to stay here with me.

(HERE WITH ME is a STAND-ALONE best friend’s older brother, second-chance, military romance. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)

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