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Review – Naughty All Night by Jennifer Bernard

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Naughty All Night; Lost Harbor, Alaska #5 
(A standalone within a series)

by: Jennifer Bernard

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The witty retorts, the heated back and forths, the punny innuendos…I absolutely loved Naughty All Night and the matchup between the spitfire Kate and the fire chief Darius. Get your fan ready because their chemistry will heat you from the inside out!

There is nothing better than pithy, slightly dirty, verbal foreplay. A well spoken man is super hot!! (fanning myself) Kate Robinson is a lawyer from LA, well versed in verbal back and forths, but when Darius Boone, the fire chief of Lost Harbor, Alaska steps in to help her out of a muddy jam, he seems to up her verbal sparring game. The hot flashes she has around him are just an added bonus and not the fires he actually puts out. While she was hoping to have a quick fling with the hot man, she’s not one for long term relationships.

Darius came to Alaska after his last divorce, he needed a change of scenery since he was now down two marriages. When he meets Kate he’s certainly drawn to the feisty woman and wouldn’t be opposed to some naughty, good times with her, but he is far from looking at forever. Been there and done that, been singed by the divorce papers.

They may finally agree to a fling, but things get complicated when things in the town heat up. Lost Harbor is a small town and even though they both came there for sanctuary, one of them may not stay once the fires are put out.


A standalone novel in the sizzling Lost Harbor, Alaska series

Kate Robinson has had a talent for trouble since she was a young teen in Lost Harbor, Alaska, during summertime visits to her grandmother’s peony farm. It’s the only true home she’s ever known, so it’s where she retreats when REAL trouble chases her out of California, her legal career in ruins. Upon arriving, Kate finds her eccentric grandma has rented out her home! First order of business—eviction. So what if it’s a move that could get her shunned by the locals? She’s not known as Naughty Kate for nothing.

Fire Chief Darius Boone doesn’t need to add landlady troubles to his already busy plate, despite how fun it is to battle with C. Robinson, Attorney-at-Law. A series of small fires have been breaking out around Lost Harbor. Nothing harmful. Yet. But the number of blazes is steadily growing. The only thing taking his mind off this latest town drama is fiery Kate, who makes Darius want to be naughty with her…in all the best ways.

Trouble is one thing, but nothing has prepared Kate for the likes of “hottie fire chief” Darius Boone. Why not have some harmless naughty fun while she figures out her next move? But she never expected the heat the two of them would generate—or to fall so hard. The next time trouble strikes, everything she loves is on the line.

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