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Review – Only Once by Ashley Munoz


Only Once 
(A standalone)

Publication Date: February 12, 2021

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Ashley Munoz

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



I once was told that trust is like a china cup, once broken you could be repaired, but those fissures would always remain. That analogy is one I’ve never forgotten and Only Once is a lot like that fragile cup.

Bex and Ryan have ten years of broken trust between them. As much as they want to build something new, that shattered foundation is what lies beneath them and they have to work on building up a stronger future by letting go of their past.

It can be the hardest thing in the world, forgiving and then forgetting. Our nature tells us not to forget so we don’t make the same mistake, so forgetting how someone hurt us is extremely tough. Bex and Ryan aren’t perfect in their past wrongs, and neither are meek and mild, which makes the moving past their mistakes tougher than some, but their stubbornness also works in their favor when it comes to getting what they want, which also happens to be a second chance.

Only Once is completely heartfelt, with all of the emotions you’d want in a second chance book, but it also has the cutest children and the most degrading job for a working adult. All of this brings  the emotional moments back up to a smiling high and then my cheeks flush when Ryan and Bex bring the heat.

Somewhere along the way, these two might just figure out that a perfectly imperfect relationship works, but your heart will be in your throat until they do.


Breaking news: Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob, Ryan Prince, was caught vacationing in his hometown, but who’s the mystery girl?

No, I hadn’t heard that Ryan Prince was staying at the very resort I had just started working at.

If I had, maybe I would have called in sick.

On second thought, maybe I wouldn’t have, because I really needed that paycheck. Being a single mother and having a lapse in child support had made me that desperate.

Still, I would have rather avoided the circus that rolled into Hawk Tail Resort and the man who sauntered in with it.

Tall with those perfectly rounded shoulders made for throwing footballs and winning championships, he carried himself in that regal way that told everyone in the room he was all talent and power.

All these years later and he was still that same gorgeous man I left behind in college.

Except now he wasn’t gracing the gridiron unless it was for a movie role.

I assumed he wouldn’t even recognize me, not with the actress on his arm and the crowd pressing in around him.

But when his unexpecting glare lands on me, the last ten years seem to slam back into us at once.

Ryan Prince didn’t just recognize me; the angry tilt of those lips on that too perfect face told me he remembered exactly what I did when I left.

I thought maybe this was a gift, a way to put the past to rest…but the look on his face told me he had plans to dig up everything that was unfinished between us.

It had me wondering if he’d buried anything at all. Maybe he’d just carried all the dirt in a little glass jar, waiting for this moment to shatter it all at my feet.

The summer was about to end, but it felt like my penance for the last decade was about to begin.

*This is a standalone romance novel with no cheating.*

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