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Review – The Difference Between Somebody and Someone by Aly Martinez

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The Difference Between Somebody and Someone; Difference Trilogy #1
(#1 within a trilogy)

Publication Date: January 27, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Contemporary/Tragedy Romance

Author: Aly Martinez

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


WOW…just wow! I had goosebumps dotting my skin through the entire story!

Aly Martinez always writes emotional, gripping stories and this book is no different. Remi and Bowen dug their hooks in me from the start and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the pages until the jaw dropping end. Well done!

Bowen Michaels is suffering from loss. The love of his life is gone and it’s hitting him hard. The survivor’s grief is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the inner workings of Bowen’s mind. This grumpy man is made up of so much more, but that could be what draws Remi to him in the first place.

Remi is a bit of a klutz, but adorably lives her hotmess life with the curve balls thrown her way. She is sunshine to Bowen’s cloudy personality, but these two opposites share a common link, one that is surrounded by devastation and heartbreak.

Aly captivated me while totally obliterating my heart and I can honestly say I loved it! This book is filled with humor and grief and emotional turmoil. It’s such a beautiful blend of ups and downs that I can only say that I want more of Aly’s intoxicating words and addictive storytelling.

This book is only the first part of this couple’s tale and I desperately need to know more, which thankfully is coming sooner rather than later.


The world owes you nothing.

It took losing the woman I loved and facing the paralyzing task of moving on without her for me to truly understand that.

Consumed by regret and razor-sharp memories, I’d resigned myself to a life of loneliness until a survivor from the same plane crash that took my fiancée stormed into my life.

Remi Grey was chaos and sunshine, fire and freedom. With her in my arms, I began to believe that fate had other plans for me.

But as secrets of the past exploded around us, it seemed the only thing fated about our relationship was that I had been destined to lose her from the start.

The world owes you nothing. But for Remi, I would risk it all. No matter the cost.

Part of the Difference Trilogy and should be read in order:

The Difference Between Somehow and Someway (Difference Trilogy,  #2) The Difference Between Somehow and Someway, #2

The Difference Between Someday and Forever (Difference Trilogy,  #3) The Difference Between Someday and Forever, #3

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