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Review – Soft Like Thunder by Julia Wolf

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Soft Like Thunder; Savage U #1
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: February 3, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult Romance

Author: Julia Wolf

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


This new Savage U series is AMAZING, fantastic, and so friggin’ good!!!! Helen was everything I’d been waiting for and Theo was absolutely delicious.

Theo was unexpected in his own form of broken, but also the perfect knight in unshiny armor for bada$$ Helen. Their perfect storm of a little bit crazy fit perfectly together and I loved this story which was perfect for both of them from start to finish.

Helen is a character that I’ve grown to know through Julia’s Savage High books. She’s fierce, loyal, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Growing up on the wrong side of town, scraping by, with a mother that gave up, Helen grew up at a young age and eventually took over care of her younger sister too. With her take charge attitude I was anxious to know what boy would be up to the challenge of being perfect for Helen. Interestingly enough it was a boy who shot through her sharp defenses, tore down her tall walls, and poked into her soft center. Helen is a beautiful creature whether she’s soft or hard and Theo was the boy who discovered all of her sides.

Theo is so beautifully broken in his own way. He seems like the perfect, beautiful rich boy, but there are deep, deep layers to his facade. Just like Helen wears her sharp, pointy layers as armor, Theo wears his twinkly eyes and sweet smile to hide things too. He’s under his father’s thumb, recently out from a long term relationship and trying to figure out his life after wrestling. Theo is going through the motions of school and a beautiful Tiger named Helen just might lead him on the right path, or she might lead him down the wrong one.

It takes a certain level of trust to let someone in and not let that trust go unwarranted. Secrets can be scattered and trust can be broken. It’s hard to gather those secrets once they’ve been let loose or glue up broken trust. You will always see the crack and the wind always carries words. Neither Theo or Helen trust easily, but together they are stronger than they are apart.That is if they really want to be together.

Soft Like Thunder is the perfect introduction to this new university world. It not only links the past high school characters for fan favorites, like me, but is a total standalone introducing new characters and a new world to fall in love with. Julia’s writing just continues to get better and better and this book is proof of that.

Helen. What a sweet name for a girl who is anything but.

The first time I laid eyes on Theo Whitlock, I chased him and his frat boy friends with a bat.

I’m no white knight.

I’m broke. He’s rich. I destroyed his car. He chooses not to rat me out.

I was never supposed to go to college, but especially not one like Savage U, where only the wealthiest need apply. One might call this a lucky break, only I don’t feel so lucky with a drug dealer breathing down my neck, and a gangster threatening to burn my house down.

You have a face that could launch a thousand ships.

Theo and I don’t make sense, but being with him feels good, and I need more than my books and classes to distract me from the chaos and violence in my life.

I know you’re my good girl. Aren’t you, Helen? Tell me.

We’re casual. No complications. We have to be. I’m keeping secrets, and I have a feeling behind Theo Whitlock’s twinkly blue eyes is a whole world of darkness.

Do you think about me?

Too much…

Did I hurt you?

He will…if the other savages don’t get to me first.

(Savage U is a spin-off of The Savage Crew, but can be read as a standalone!)

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