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Review – Oh, Fudge by Erin Nicholas

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Oh, Fudge; Hot Cakes #5 
(A prequel to #6 within a series)

by: Erin Nicholas

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Absolute perfection!! The blend of the bayou with midwestern charm made for a sizzling start to Paige and Mitch’s story.

I’m a huge fan of both of Erin Nicholas’ Boys of the Bayou and Hotcakes series so the fact that she’s brought them together in this cross over novella as a just a taste of what’s to come…it was pure magic.

Paige and Mitch had a one-night-stand six months ago and neither of them are commitment people, but something about that one night back in the summer sparked…well…something in both of them and now Mitch is back in Appleby and it’s now winter. He’s never really seen snow that sticks around, or been where he needed a winter coat. Everything about the quaint town draws him in, the people, the hospitality, and especially Paige. Could what they have be more than a one-night-stand? He’d like to find out, but it would require more than a skittish yoga instructor with a fear of commitment. It might take a trip to the bayou.

I can hardly wait to go back down south with the Landry’s. Just the small bits where Mitch talked to his family made me laugh and brought back all the warm fuzzies. This prequel is excellent and just so darn good!


A one-night-stand, small town rom com!

Paige Asher likes her men the way she likes her coffee: hot, slightly sweet, and only to-go.

The hot friend-of-a-friend she had a scorching single night with was just about perfect—tall, rugged, with a sexy drawl…and on the road out of town by six a.m. the next morning. Long before her mom could start picking out wedding flowers.

But now she can’t stop thinking about the Louisiana boy. His texts make her smile and she suddenly has a craving for gumbo all the time…hot and spicy and far from home.

Mitch Landry had no idea Iowa would be so hospitable to a visitor. He knew the Midwest had a reputation for friendliness but his welcome gift—a sassy, sweet blond who is as no-strings-attached as he is—was a dream come true six months ago.

But why is he still texting her? And why did he jump at the chance to come back to Iowa? And why is he so annoyed by her phobia to commitment this time? And why is he pretty sure leaving Paige this time is going to be one of the hardest things he’s ever done?

Damn, is this what falling in love feels like?

Oh, fu…fudge.

* a cross-over between the Hot Cakes series and Boys of the Bayou series
* a prequel to Boys of the Bayou book 6

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