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Review – Over the Moon by K. K. Allen

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Over the Moon 
(An interconnected standalone)

Publication Date: April 22, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Sports/Intrigue/Contemporary Romance

Author: K.K. Allen

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



K.K. Allen wrote a juicy, riveting tale about a cocky football player, a feisty nurse, with a hint of mystery and suspense. I was there for every word, turning pages late into the night, loving every moment of it!

Kingston Scott isn’t the most likable guy at the beginning of this book. He is everything cliché about a spoiled, rich, ego-inflated jock, but the more time spent with this giant of the gridiron, pulling back his coat of armor that he has perfected over years, lo and behold, there are layers under Kingston’s attitude and guess what? He is totally melt worthy.

Silver Livingston is a woman with an air of mystery and a ton of spirit. She’s worked at Camp Dakota for the past eight years and used to campers and staff coming in and out of her life, but when Kingston steps off the bus she instantly knows his visit will shake up her world.

Their fiery back and forths, instant chemistry, and connection on a level neither one of them have ever had before made for page turning that was practically burning my kindle. Not only did I have to know all of Silver’s secrets, but watching both of them open up and really experience something that neither one of them have ever gone through was beautiful. I loved this entire story.

These two together share experiences that no one should experience, but together they recognize two halves that make up a whole. Sharing all your truths, showing someone all your sides, and giving someone so much power and trust over you is the scariest thing you can ever do. Jumping into their journey and watching their truths be revealed and seeing how love can heal a broken soul is so beautiful and that is the reminder that we all need.


“My secrets have always kept me safe…until he saw my truth.”

Kingston Scott is the most eligible bachelor in professional football, a charming rebel on and off the field.
He’s also in desperate need of an attitude adjustment.
After a reckless night that puts him behind bars, he’s sentenced to coach football at a sleepaway camp in the middle of nowhere.
He’s not sure he’ll survive an entire month of torture…until he sees her.
The intoxicating woman with the silver moon eyes, the reserved smile, and the past she’s determined to keep hidden.

Silver Livingston is the resident nurse at Camp Dakota, a beautiful temptress on and off the clock.
She’s also a forbidden mystery to all who know her.
After a decade of living in the shadows of the safe haven she’s created, news arrives that threatens her perfect facade.
She’s not sure what to do next…and then she sees him.
The new arrival with the body of a god, a flashy smile, and evergreen eyes that burn straight through to her core.

Now, Silver isn’t sure which threat to fear most. The irresistible man she knows she must deny, or the inevitable head-on collision with her past.

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