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Review – Taggart Family Values by Lexi Blake

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Taggart Family Values; Masters and Mercenaries #21.5 
(#21.5 within a series)

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Suspense/Mercenary/BDSM/Collection

Author: Lexi Blake

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



I could read Big Tag all day, every day!! I love, love, love this entire series and I’m saying I was excited for taking the journey into the past with my favorite people and getting a glimpse into the future hardly begins to describe it, but it’s where I’ll begin.

Ian Taggart has been the staple, the backbone, the driving force behind the M&M franchise and he is one of the main reasons why I have a huge love affair with this series.

I jump into every book waiting with anticipation for Ian to make his appearance. He always offers up his wit and sarcasm, much to his employees and family’s groening dismay, they hardly ever listen, but it’s hilariously funny and almost always on point. The sarcastic, meddling, lemon-dessert eating Dom is what I live for and I love the Lexi Blake has let Ian grow with the series because I know I will never tire of the man and his family.

Taggart Family Values is a conglomeration of Ian’s life and his family, both through blood and man made. This entire book made me smile from cover to cover. For any fan of the series, this book is a MUST addition. If you’ve caught any of the short stories or novellas of Ian and Charlotte’s relationship, or wondered about them because you never read them before, well you no longer have to wonder because they are now in one location, along with two new stories that totally made me squeeeeee with glee like the fan girl I am.

Even though I’ve read most of the past stories over the last decade (can you believe it’s been a decade!!) I loved reminiscing over Ian and Charlie and how they met, had their children, tried to have a date night, etc, and so forth. This is the ultimate place to laugh and giggle over the big guy himself who always has advice for everyone else while laughing at all the dumb things he does in his own life. I truly never get tired of Ian Taggart and fans will love a look at what Lexi Blake has brewing for the future of this series.


From Ian and Charlotte’s first meeting in Paris to a look into the future, Taggart Family Values chronicles Masters and Mercenaries’ favorite family through a series of short stories and novellas. Includes one brand new short story and one new novella. Lexi hopes readers will have a blast connecting with Ian and Charlotte and all their little monsters!

Taggart Family Values includes the novellas Paradise City, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Homecoming, and Countdown. It also includes the short stories Adam Tells All, Make Lemonade, Rough Night, and Stuck at the Office.

Some of the stories were previously published in newsletters and cookbooks.

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