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Review – Mercy by Sara Cate

Mercy; Salacious Players Club #4
(Standalone within a series)

Publication Date: August 25, 2022

Genre/Tropes: BDSM/Reverse Age-Gap/Forbidden Romance

Author: Sara Cate

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I absolutely love how Sara Cate has written the books of this series. Yes, they are hawt…seriously, panty melting, ten thousand degrees kind of hot, but the emotion behind the story…the thought and deep personal depth that is put into each character, is what makes each book so page-turning addictive.

I will admit that Dom vs. Domme stories are much higher in demand, so there are just not as many of those books flooding the market, or perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places, regardless it is the reality we live in. As much as I LOVE reading about a strong woman and her subservient man, we live in a world where that isn’t the norm and the consequence is unfortunately less books reflecting this kind of kink. Thank you Sara for writing this book…I loved it super hard!!!!!

Mercy is not only a book about a strong woman and a bratty man, but it’s about two people who have always felt a little lost. Honestly, I love that about every book that falls under this umbrella no matter who fills the D/s roles. There is something very empowering about the trust of that relationship, knowing your partners needs and following the rules within your own construct.

D/s something new for both Maggie and Beau, which would seem odd given she’s one of the owners of the Salacious club and Beau is the son of another. They’ve both been around the lifestyle for years, or at least been aware of it, but if anyone had openly asked them what their actual preference was between the sheets, it would have been plain ol’ vanilla. Of course, that answer would have been before they were matched up on the very same app that Beau’s father created…awkward. Yes, their lives are intermingled and it doesn’t even stop there. Did I mention that Beau’s father is marrying Beau’s ex? There might be some very good reasons that Beau is a little bratty or he might just be built that way. Either way, Maggie is itching to learn and punish the bratty right out of him.

Probably what I enjoyed the most, while you’d think it was the strong woman, it actually was getting inside Beau’s head. This was a man, while a young man, but still a man who like most guys have grown up with macho ideas of taking care of everyone and making big life plans. Yet strip away all the constructs of what society expects and he actually thrives when someone makes decisions for him. He’s still a man, he loves women, he just shines when all of the pressure if off of him and he doesn’t have the potential to screw up his life anymore. When Maggie comes into his life, and she loves control, she loves turning his behaviour around…well, it’s like she was made for him.

Watching these two not only find their way on their path to true happiness, but to what works best for them it was…okay hot, but more than that, it was really great to enjoy the journey as they each blossomed emotionally and mentally.

I don’t want to hurt him—I just want to punish him. ⁠

It’s bad enough being the only female owner of the Salacious Players’ Club, but I’m also the only one without a kink, or so I thought. ⁠

Imagine my surprise when the kink quiz suggests that I’m not so vanilla after all. ⁠

In fact, I’m a lot more like Emerson Grant than I thought.⁠
Just one problem—I have no idea how to be a Domme.⁠

That is, until the app matches me with someone willing to help me learn. ⁠

He’s too young for me.⁠
Too stubborn. Too good looking. ⁠
And, oh yeah, my friend’s son.⁠

Beau Grant is a brat. I’d hate that about him if I didn’t love punishing him so much. ⁠
Underneath all of that attitude is a man who is misunderstood, selfless, and in need of direction.⁠

But if he wants mercy, he has to earn it. ⁠

There are a million reasons why I should stay away, but I’m tired of doing what everyone thinks I should do.⁠

I finally know what I want, and I’m ready to take what’s mine.⁠

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