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Review – Chasing Fire by Emery Jacobs

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Chasing Fire; Twisted Fate #3 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: December 16, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Contemporary Romance

Author: Emery Jacobs

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars



A contemporary romance with drama, a hot single dad, and smexy bedroom times.

Chloe Ryan is no wallflower when her father arranges her marriage to his best friend’s son, but no matter how hard she pushes back her father continues with the wedding plans.

At the end of her wits, Chloe turns to comfort in the arms of the most unlikely man, a man with his own problems. Colton “Fish” Fisher is a single dad just making sure his own life doesn’t fall apart, but when he meets Chloe he feels an instant connection. However, does he have time to add another woman to his messed up life?

I like that these two work on solving their own problems, but all the people in their lives who make them difficult are horrible human beings. However, Colton’s little girl is adorable so she makes up for those awful people.

A 4.5 read overall.


I’m basically American royalty– daughter to a former Senator and heiress to a fortune.

And princesses marry princes. My father has arranged for me to marry his best friend’s son without my knowledge. Now I’m engaged to someone I don’t even know– a man who was supposed to be my sister’s husband.

I know what’s expected of me. Unfortunately, this princess has fallen for a pauper.

Colton Fisher is a single dad struggling to get by. He runs an art studio and works as a tattoo artist at one of the local shops. Before I know what’s happening, love between us has ignited, and I’m consumed by the flames.

Except that inferno between us has caught fire, and now I’m carrying Colton’s baby.

Pregnant by one man and engaged to another, I’m caught between pleasing the family who raised me and being with my soulmate.

I have a choice– the perfect life, or the perfect love. If I don’t make the right decision, I might end up getting burned.

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