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Review – Cruel Promise Daniela Romero

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Cruel Promise; Devils of Sun Valley #4, Dominique and Kasey #2
(#2 within a trilogy, #4 within a series)

Publication Date: July 8, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/New Adult/Sports/Enemies to Lovers Romance

Author: Daniela Romero

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Picking up right after Cruel Devil, Kasey is grieving the loss of her mother by losing herself in Dominique. These two already did not have the healthiest of relationships. Kasey is the little sister of Dom’s best friend Aaron and for years Kasey and Dominique have fought like cats and dogs. But when Aaron had to fly down to retrieve their mother’s remains Kasey’s grief leaned on Dominique and their relationship turned intimate. Now as Cruel Promise begins their relationship gets a bit more complicated when Aaron returns and neither Kasey nor Dom know how to end what they began.

I enjoyed the more intimate aspects of this book, just for the simple fact that we get more of Dominique and Kasey together. Now I’m not specifically talking about the smexy times, which are super hot BTW, but we get more of their internal struggles on their relationship each other. There are battles coming at them from every angle, but since they are not in a real relationship, they both internalize everything so they both fight thoughts on their relationships with family, the struggles that will come after college, the pressures from all kinds of outside factors like coming from different races and social classes. There is a lot that should keep these two apart which is why they try to keep things casual and yet something inside both of them won’t allow them to cut ties.

Cruel Promise is an unputdownable book with chapter after chapter of non-stop emotional or steamy good reading.  It’s also not over quite yet, there is still more to come. Dominique and Kasey still have more challenges to face will they be together when all is said and done?

Grief is a fickle bi*ch, and I’ll do anything to escape her.
That includes sleeping with my brother’s very off-limits best friend.

Dominique Price wants me.
My body. My mind. My soul.
And he can have me.
Behind closed doors and away from prying eyes.
As long as helps me forget my pain, and promises to stay the hell away from my heart, I’ll be his.
And for a short while, he’ll be mine.

But, we’re playing a dangerous game. One whose rules are swiftly being ignored.
I want him. Need him. Might even be addicted to him.

Only, happily ever after was never in the cards for us.
And it looks like I’m the idiot who forgot that.

Cruel Promise is a new adult sports romance with enemies to lovers/bullying themes and is recommended for mature readers 17+

Cruel Devil (Devils of Sun Valley High, #3) Cruel Devil, Devils of Sun Valley #3, Dominique and Kasey #1

Dominique Price hates me.
He wants me.
He can never have me.

At least that’s what I tell him.
Good looking, arrogant, football God, everything comes so easy for him. I won’t be just another game to win.
It doesn’t matter that I want him.
It doesn’t matter that with just one look, he takes my breath away.

He’s my brother’s best friend and officially off limits.
But when he touches me, I forget what we’re supposed to be.
Acquaintances. Enemies. Nothing.
And I dream of what we could be.
Friends. Lovers. Everything.

If only everyone’s expectations weren’t standing in the way.

Cruel Devil is a new adult sports romance with enemies to lovers/bullying themes and is recommended for mature readers 17+

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